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Bellaria began its developpment during the first years of the 20 century.
The pionneristic merits of the tourism in Bellaria are , in the most part, of engineer Giovanni Lugaresi .
Another figure which contributed to the expansion of our zone was Doct. Belli, who had ambitious projects for the littoral: the creation ex novo of an ideal tourist center. He acquired a peace of the dune’s expance , leveled the land and made reclamation works, uniformed the extended one in lotteries that were puting in sale.
Along the coast appeared therefore a series of happy islands, ideal holiday’s place , where people could be free to walk and move in a still wild atmosphere, living the fishermen’s simple life.
The hospitality becomes innate for all innhabitants, they moved, during the summer period from their own homes into a kind of huts, in order to leave them in rent to the colony of bathers.
The scene was: “villini” for the summer- vacations and houses of fishermen in rent. The sea’s breeze and the fishmongers’ shouts coloured the days.
The passage of the train, along the littoral, gave a major mobility. Its whistles, bearing Well-Being and civilization , raised up in the sky .
With the inauguration of the Railway-line Rimini-Ravenne with stop in Bellaria during the1855, the wheel of the history of Bellaria began to run initially trotting and then galopping, by striping away images of delay and misery and making our country a tourist locality.
It’s in this atmosphere and up from these roots, that our Hotel is born, even if it conserve the familiar and confidential character, it can also offer conforts and services: not only with the continuous modernization inside and the particulary cure dedicated to the cooking but also for its infrastructures , so like service beach, fitness, excursions, sport activity and enjoiing.
Opened in the 1963 , called with the the name of Derby Inn , so as Mrs. Pia Giorgetti desired.
Located in the seaportzone, a little fishermen’s hamlet , it due its born to her , room after room , working and loving it like a great House-Hotel, an oasis where the customer can feel himself like home , but on the beach.
First it was composed by only one structure , then they became two, from 1998, with the purchase and the modernization of the adjacent Hotel, it gained three structures, in costant evolution, dipped into the Green of a Garden, that takes ingeniously advantage of all spaces, to offer the possibility to have beautiful holidays, refreshed from the sea’s breeze .

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