Safe Vacation

Our management policy has always held in high regard the cleanliness of the Hotel Derby, a place that we particularly love first.

And if cleaning has always been so important, today it is even more important.

In the rooms

Each room is sanitized before the arrival of new guests, as well as following the current protocols of the health authority also by means of an ozone generator which at the end of the treatment issues a real "Certification of successful sanitation".

Even the TV remote control and the room key are sanitized every time and delivered in an envelope.

In common areas

The Derby Hotel, despite being small in size (31 rooms), is equipped with large common areas that simply guarantee social distancing and are cleaned several times within the same day with alcohol-based detergents, while every night cleaning is reinforced thanks to the use of an ozone generator that eliminates mold, bacteria and viruses.

A little everywhere, in the corners of the hotel, you will find sanitizers to clean your hands as often as you want.

At the restaurant

The restaurant service has been totally reorganized following the health emergency.

Not being able to offer the "classic" buffet, our dining room staff will bring you every dish - from appetizer to coffee - directly to the table: once seated you can enjoy lunches and dinners in total safety, avoiding queues and maintaining social distancing. .

The spacing will be guaranteed between one table and another in accordance with the regulations in force.

The large spaces outside the structure will also allow you to choose to be able to eat in the garden (near our Osteria Romagnola) or, if you prefer, even in your room (room service is included).

Not only...

Thanks to our "delivery menu", you will also have the opportunity to have lunch directly on the beach, under your umbrella, with your feet on the sand.

The staff

All staff are informed about the anti Covid-19 procedures, use the legal devices that are delivered weekly and measure the temperature before starting work every morning.

We have a real register which is duly signed.

Some of us have a certificate of vaccination.


We are waiting for you in TOTAL safety! :-)